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The Chatmore Way

We are passionate about the unique ways we inspire individual learning and transformation. These pillars are at the heart of our school culture: Connecting with Nature, Wellness Matters, A Dynamic Approach, Purposeful Play, Our Village

Connecting With Nature

Children instinctively connect with nature which naturally boosts their mental health and their ability to learn. For that reason, we spend a significant portion of our days learning in an open-air environment and are actively fundraising to expand our outdoor resources and therefore the amount of time spent in nature. Our gardens, gazebo and 'Family Tree' connect us and develop environmental responsibility through a biophilic approach. 


Wellness Matters

We encourage physical and mental health with alternative classroom setups including adaptable furniture and calm corners, as well as our FitKids programme and the significant time we spend learning outdoors. Chatmore embeds the Responsive Classroom approach as a social-emotional curriculum, creating a safe and open-minded environment where learning and development thrives. Our flexible and supportive school culture gives everyone a voice where 100% of students feel happy at school (as per our 2023 school survey).

A Dynamic Approach

A child's learning journey should be fulfilling and meaningful, guiding them toward personal success. At the heart of this approach is our Dynamic Learning Weeks which provide students with immersive experiences that link academic concepts to the real world. This continues through the school year with weekly excursions, high-quality outdoor learning, rigorous curriculum and home-school communication. Having our own van allows learners to go where the learning is at a moments notice. We encourage risk taking, problem-solving and self discovery.


Purposeful Play

Play fuels the imagination, sparks creativity, and inspires a lifelong love of learning. It stimulates curiosity and wonder in the world around, but is also at the heart of social and emotional development. Our students have ample breaks in their day, whole school events and weekly Family Time to connect through play. 

We Are the Village

As the saying goes: “it takes a village”. We are that village for our students, from our teachers to our PTA. Supporting each and every student’s personal development is our goal and we strive to ensure each child feels valued and included. As a small school, and an active community within ourselves, we encourage the involvement and support of all parents to benefit from the school family and be part of outreach to the wider island and the world!

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