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School Life

We aim to provide students with a well-rounded school experience that inspires their interests while challenging them to achieve more. Through student leadership, work placement, community service and clubs, learners are supported in their development of key soft skills that will stay with them forever.

Student Leadership

Head Student Leaders take part in a summer leadership course that prepares them for the year ahead. This often includes etiquette courses, seminars and development or review of core school documentation pertinent to the student body.


We are proud of our selected and elected students leaders across 4 leadership areas:

Head Leaders


Student Council

Leaders in Training

Work Experience

Beginning in their last year of Middle Years, students have the opportunity to take part in work placement should they express an interest in a particular field. To take part, students must be secure in their academics and demonstrate excellent time management skills. We have seen on many occasions that students have benefited from this offering and in some cases, we see an increase in academic involvement due to the motivation received by see the possibilities available to them.

Community Service

From the youngest age, students are encouraged to give back to their communities. This can be their family, their neighbourhood, their island or their global community. Our membership with COBIS allows students to take part in many international opportunities that make an impact on pockets of the world in need.

International Opportunities

Students at Chatmore have the benefit of exploring many international learning experiences through our membership with COBIS. Our students have taken part in maths challenges, youth summits, and other competitions. Some of our students have been recognised through COBIS for their contributions to the school and local community. COBIS links us with over 450 schools across the world and we take full advantage of these connections to enhance learning.

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