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Our Story

Chatmore has had an exciting journey but throughout, one thing has remained true: the child and their family come first when developing a love for learning. Since its inception, the core of our vision has been to develop learners who can succeed in the local and global community, recognising that there are so many paths to success.

Blue Skies


The Chatterbox Preschool & Child Study Centre was established

Angela Fubler and Mary Giordano developed a pioneering language development programme that catered to children with and without specific language delays. This programme was highly successful.

The Chatterbox Preschool led a successful early years and preschool programme based in Southampton. This set a solid foundation for where we find ourselves 14 years later; not only does the “Chat” name remain but our early and primary years programmes are still language-focused and we still have a speech and language therapist on our team!


The Chattertots Discovery Zone is established

The Chattertots Discovery Zone was established in Warwick as we were growing rapidly! Chattertots, the sister school to Chatterbox, was specifically for our ‘tots’! It was a developmentally-appropriate environment, allowing for children to grow at their own pace.


Chatmore Preparatory School began

We were an all boys school and here is where we put ‘teaching the way children learn’ into practice. Angela recognised the huge value in learners receiving a truly International education with a robust international curriculum; and as such Chatmore Prep was the first school in Bermuda to begin the implementation of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).


Chatmore British International School was established! 

Now as a co-educational international school, we moved to a new location: ‘Rockmore Estate’ in Smith’s Parish. We welcomed a new Head of School, Clare Sweeney and solidified our operations as a full-through school. With this new move, we brought Chatterbox and Chattertots in with us to give us that true family feel. We’re very proud to be the first and only school on the island to simultaneously implement IPC, IMYC and The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)!


Restructuring and Appointment of New Director

Recognising the need for Chatmore to reconnect with their family values and unique qualities as a small school, Chatmore appointed Britanni Butterworth as School Director. As Angela’s daughter, Britanni brought a wealth of experience and knowledge of the school’s development to the table and quickly re-ignited the true culture of the school. We celebrated our first graduates, Samuel Bean and Maximilian Whalley, who both successfully matriculated at the Bermuda College, achieving high GPAs from the start.


Chatmore British International School earns COBIS Compliance Status

In January 2024, Chatmore was awarded the prestigious COBIS Compliance Status, solidifying its commitment to the highest standards in international education. Additionally, Chatmore was awarded six commendations for outstanding practices. We're not shy to say that we're very proud! 

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