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Chatmore ConnectEd provides students ages 7+ access to world-class online learning utilising the British National Curriculum, IGCSEs and the complete IB Diploma Programme...all powered by our partners: King's InterHigh.

Offering online learning to students in Bermuda and the Caribbean, Chatmore is the first private school in Bermuda to offer a fully comprehensive online learning option for students. Families who choose this option benefit from: 

  • Live lessons with real tutors

  • Diverse range of courses and extracurricular

  • 100% flexibility through recorded lessons

  • Access to tutors through messaging and tutorial sessions

  • International learning while building relationships with students across the world

  • College and University guidance

  • Cloud-based learning with fully interactive online classrooms

Students in Bermuda can benefit from on-site/in-person extracurriculars and school community at our Smiths campus to provide a truly well rounded learning experience. 

This offering is perfect for student athletes, political families, homeschool students or families looking for a more flexible yet rigorous learning option. 

Students can enrol at any point in the school year!

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