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At Chatmore, we aim to keep assessment a positive experience so that students can face critique and feedback within their futures with confidence. We keep track of student progress through standardised testing, in-the-moment feedback and benchmarking in-class assessment.

Learning is a continual process and even the best of us can always find ways to improve. That’s why we look more at what a learner is able to do rather than what they can recall on a test. Of course, students will have to sit the occasional test but with context and understanding of the purpose, they are able to see tests as yet another learning experience. 

At the beginning of every school year, students engage in standardised testing using the Progress Test in MathProgress Test in English and the Cognitive Abilities Test (a battery of tools used to look at processing that plays a large role in human thought). 

The information received from these assessments allows us to better support and guide students in their areas of strength and better helps us to teach the way they learn. We do not use it to define a student’s abilities but to inform our practices and methodologies as educators for the betterment of the student’s future.

Supporting Learning

Every student is provided with opportunities to review learning with teachers and peers during breaks and after school. Students also engage in purposeful home learning to build skills and further exploration of concepts and topics. 

When a student requires further support, Learning Support will provide students with strategies, techniques and additional learning time during the day. Likewise, where a child struggles to adhere to our behaviour expectations, we work with them on an individual basis to support their needs, involving professionals where appropriate. 

At Chatmore, we want the best for every student. Should a student require more support than we can presently provide, we work with families to find the next 'best fit' for their child. 

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