Secondary Years | Ages 14+ years

Our Seniors programme proudly engages students in the IGCSE curriculum and the British National Curriculum.

Primary Years

New Frontiers

At Chatmore, Secondary Years is a time of transition and transformation. Our students are challenged academically and guided towards career opportunities in a supportive but preparatory environment. When the day comes for a Chatmore student to leave and begin their next step in life, they will be entering the world as a capable, confident and conscientious individual with a clear focus for their future. They will have ownership over their knowledge, skills and understanding and will have strong personal dispositions allowing them to positively influence others.

Striving for Excellence

Our Secondary curriculum is guided by the I/GCSE while continuing with the ethos and teaching methods of the IMYC. Utilising concepts and ‘big ideas’ to focus learning, our students are challenged to take responsibility for their learning. Mastery is the target academically but also personally as they use real-world learning to understand the importance of integrity, organisation and compassion. Our focus is to ensure our students are prepared for their next stage of life, whether that be post-secondary education, vocational training or entrepreneurship.

Personalised Process

As a small school, we have the ability to work closely with parents and community partners to provide an individualised experience unlike any other. Work experience programmes and project work are designed to match their interests and to stimulate their brain while preparing them for the requirements of future work environments.

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