Middle Years | Ages 11-14 years

Our Middle Years programme proudly uses the International Middle Years Curriculum.

Finding Balance

Middle Years

At this point in their development, their adolescent brain requires a balanced mix of structure and self-led education. This is why the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) paired with our experiential, hands-on learning environment is well suited for our Middle Years students. Continuing with the multi-age classroom setting, learning in Middle Years promotes self-reflection encouraging students to make sense of their learning as they work towards mastery of knowledge, skills and understanding.

The Big Idea

The IMYC centres its curriculum units around a ‘Big Idea’. This allows students to interlink different units of learning and achieve coherence and connection within their subjects. The Big Idea challenges students to think beyond a topic and develop their conceptual thinking skills. The IMYC takes into account the maturing pre-frontal cortex of the adolescent brain and uses a specific and consistent format of learning, promoting organisation and planning skills needed in their next level of education.

Global Citizenship

Beginning to find their place in the world as individuals, our Middle Years programme fosters development of personal dispositions and international mindedness. Teachers are skilled at facilitating active involvement amongst peers while guiding students as they make connections with each other and with their learning. The international learning goals built into the curriculum help students develop a sense of place in their world through exposure to other people and cultures with a deeper understanding of how we are all connected.

Facilitating and Assessing Growth

The desire to seek personal meaning and connectedness is unique to our Middle Years learners. Our trained teachers are skilled at providing each child with personalised learning goals all while challenging students to grow both academically and personally. Subject specific learning is tracked over three years using structured rubrics for both students and teachers. Assessing progress from beginning to developing and mastering across all nine subject areas provides students, teachers and parents with clear expectations and pathways to success.

Parent Partnerships

We value parent and family participation throughout our school but even more so at this pivotal point of a child’s development. Communication is key. Through use of technology and regular parent-teacher conferences we ensure that parents are engaged with learning at school. Our open door policy provides parents with even more opportunity to learn with their child, making the school experience even more positive.

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