Early Years | Ages 3-5 years

Our Early Years programme proudly uses the International Early Years Curriculum.

Learning Through Play

Early Years

Play is one of the main ways children learn and build self-confidence; this is our focus for your littlest ones and their developing brains! This play is language-focused and purposeful in nature to ensure a balance of outdoor and indoor experiences as well as exposure to a diverse range of core topics.


To shape our learning, we implement the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) combined with some philosophical elements of the Reggio Emilia approach. The IEYC, a unit-based curriculum, provides our excellent practitioners with the support and framework to ensure our Early Years setting is enquiry based, fun, challenging and developmentally appropriate. With a balance of child-led and teacher-led learning, our flexible classroom environment is open to parent participation…in fact, we welcome it!

The Role of the Teacher

The role of the teachers in our setting is to mentor the child and support them in their play-based, unit-based and more task specific learning. Children at Chatmore benefit from a low teacher to learner ratio, enabling an environment that supports individualised learning. Our in-house speech and language therapist provides support to our teachers and families, facilitating age-appropriate activities and guiding progress towards meeting key milestones.

Early Years

Building Relationships

Chatmore firmly believe in relationships being central to effective learning and critical to healthy child development. A core value of Chatmore is relationships, particularly working in partnership with parents to the benefit of the children. We provide flexible hours for our youngest learners in order to accommodate the needs of families. We recognise that learning is fun but can be tiring and therefore staff are responsive to the needs of the children, allowing our full-day students to rest and recharge. The IEYC itself places a strong emphasis not only on young children's social skills and cognitive needs, but also on their emotional needs. With this in mind, Chatmore use the IEYC personal goals to foster self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Strong Foundations

At CBIS we believe in providing all children, especially our youngest learners with a language rich environment. The IEYC follows themes that capture the interest of young children. Teachers plan for opportunities and experiences that develop reading, writing, speaking and listening and numeracy skills. These experiences are linked to the IEYC themes and ensure that literacy and numeracy skills are learned in a creative and fun way, scaffolded by teachers in order to build strong foundations for learning.

Technology for Learning

Our little ones are supported by teachers who plan for learning that is both creative and imaginative. The teachers will plan for the use of technology, using hardware such as our SMART board, laptops or IPads with software that is designed to engage learners. We are mindful in our use of technology in Early Years. We carefully plan to ensure that it supports and enhances the learning experience with a clear purpose.

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