Transformative learning is at the epicentre of our belief system. We believe that individual transformation is critical to the discovery of one’s potential and purpose in life, and that over time, this process will enable learners to develop the key life skills to help them navigate a world of rapid change.


We are committed to fostering strong, positive relationships because everyone is important and everyone matters. We therefore encourage genuine camaraderie and the building of personal connections among students, families and staff.


Everyone is unique. We customise our learning experiences to provide an environment where the individual gains a deeper understanding of their own needs, and also learns to understand and appreciate the unique needs of others.


We seek to foster reciprocal learning opportunities that align with learners interests and real-world learning outcomes through the creation of intentional partnerships. These serve to greatly expand and enhance students’ opportunities for experiential learning.

Global Citizenship

At CBIS, Global Citizenship is the recognition of the connectedness of all people as part of the human family. Cultural awareness, mutual respect, and tolerance are all required in order to build authentic relationships within our learning community.


We believe in “family first”. In our school we seek to nurture a culture of connectedness at all times by modeling positive social interactions that extend into student and staff family life.

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