Our School

Our school is a deliberately small, co-educational learning environment. As a mainstream, inclusive school, we make sure that each child engages in personalized and meaningful learning. Our students are provided with every opportunity to realize success academically and socially while developing skills needed to be a positive contributor to our local and global community.

At Chatmore, you’ll find an experiential learning environment offering educational rigour and collaboration based on the premise that learning for all children should be developmentally appropriate, family and community oriented, local and globally motivated, individualized, relevant and fun. By combining parental support and professional expertise, CBIS provides a venue for children to develop a positive self-image, which is essential for healthy emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.

Learning at CBIS, from the very early years has a strong emphasis on the development of language and literacy skills. As professionals we know and understand the importance of language development in the early years and how this impacts all areas of learning. With our low student/teacher ratios, we foster curiosity and truly believe that children should be lifelong enquirers. From the earliest age, this should be harnessed and cultivated as children grow and learn.

We want our students to be their best. With the support of our in-house specialists and community partners, we provide our students and families with strategies to support developing areas or challenge skills that have already been mastered. To complement our academic curriculum, we offer Spanish, Art, FitKids ™, EcoStudies and more! Our students take advantage of our expansive school campus and use the island as an extended campus to make their learning come to life.

9 St Marks Road, Smiths, Bermuda, FL06 | admissions@chatmore.org | +1 (441) 236-3339